Damian Deroma


Arrived on Earth in 1981, Damian Deroma devoted much of his life to music also trained in music theory and battery at the Conservatory for three years, he has cultivated for nearly 20 years his passion for electronic music, nourished by an impressive collection of over 3,000 LPs.

An unusual track record of many sacrifices, spiritual introspection four years, he has always fought for the respect of artistic values. He loves to share his vision of universal language, he also managed a two-year program of Geneva online radio dedicated to the underground electronic music.

Today, his character is pragmatic: it plays a style of techno planing, dressed in a white, smooth and emotionless mask, so that the surface disappears and the music speaks and conveys his feelings to herself. Attracted by the technology, while being a bit nostalgic machines, he likes to combine the two, so to recreate a new form of auditory synapse reach the transcendent perfection, hoping to connect all the listeners to an orgasm spiritual and musical.