Branden Berg


Branden Berg is a swiss artist.

Since his young age he learned to play guitar and made his musical education trough funk, jazz and classical music. After a while the need to write songs passed trough his mind and decided to write music for his band. After years in acoustic music, it’s at the age of 15 that he discovered the Electronic scene and decided to buy his first Turntables and mixer to start mixing.

Harddance, Hardcore and Hardstyle music where his first steps into that Electronic scene. Inspirited by the energy of theses Electronic drums and instruments, he felt very fast the need to produce and make his own music. So he started to produce HardDance, experimental Raw tracks calling the project “Sequencerz”.

After years spending time in the Electronic scene he started knowing a lot more about what it is really about. D&B, Electronica, House and finally Techno music.

The 120-130 BPM groove.

It’s that last one that will lead him to his actual music. Techno. He felt very attracted by this and it allowed him to try and experience a lot of different sounds, rhythmic, instruments mixes to reach his actual music style.

Influenced by dark scenes, raw and Techno, Branden Berg’s music is now completed by some hardsounds, melodies, epic elements, straight percussion rhythms, loud sub-basses and strong vocals.

All thoses elements are making Brandenberg’s music psychedelic, dark and epic.