Trained in the school of scratch and old school beats, Po turns from the late 90s to electronic music. He has organized and co-organized for countless evenings, the evenings and the festival Break da Roestigraben and occurred several times already abroad. Member of the 237 family label, it now occupies a prominent place in the French-speaking part of switzerland, he knows his audience get where he wants, his sets carrying the finesse in his unique musical universe.

Ghetto-Po already played with :

Ellen Alien, Pan Pot, Lee Curtiss, Pheek, Someone Else, Butane, Ark, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumont, Mayan Nidam, Shaun Reeves, Jake the Rapper, Skinner box, Michael Mayer, Losoul, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Pompelmoessap, Styro 2000, Simon Effect, Jacqui, Lega, Andrew Fletcher (depeche mode ), the Hacker, Public Enemy, Sugar hill Gang, Furious 5, Kurtis Blow, Assassin, TTC.

References (CH) :

Dachkantine, Dachstock, Pfingstweide, Hive, Elf, Rotefabrik, Case a chocs, QKC, Bierhubeli, Elf, Formbar, Mad, Loft, Ruche, Coupole, Fours à chaux, Basel area, Paradox, Entre deux, BDRG festival, Hotel California, Piping, Bikini Test, Frison, Spider Galaxy, Caprices, Electrosanne…

Sonar off ( ES ), Bar 25 ( DE ), Solyanka ( RU ), Vienna, Glow club ( TH )