Lionel Kirchhofer aka LEE-O was born in 1977 in Switzerland and had the chance to grow up in a musical environment. He has learned music and different instruments for the last 20 years. He fell in love with techno during the 90′, bought his first Technics MK2 and started to play in 1996. Since that time, he has performed in different clubs and festivals in Switzerland such as the D!Club, la Ruche, Crem, Jack’s house, la Case-à-chocs, Unit, Para Club, Queen Kong Club, Interlope, Amalgame, Neocomia, Crem club, Break da Roshtigraben, Caprice fest., and many other events…After a few years dijing, he got interested to produce and create his own sound. He made a first release on udtk rec. in 2008. This year he also integrated the collective Dom production based in Neuchâtel formed by Ghetto Po (Family 237).

Since 2011, Lee-o has performed live sounding usually dark techno minimal. He also had gigs and jam with his very good friends, Tive (Freitag rec.) and Konpiuta (Igloo, Finefood, 237). A nice collaboration which create a dynamic energy and atmosphere when they are performing live all together. Always a great shared music time between friends who are always up to find out new types of sound and looking for new experimental music trips. 2012 Lee-o started to collaborate with Freitag Limited.

He has also produced and played live for now almost 2 years with his friend Mini-Jool (Finefood rec, Doma Musique). Both are working on their new music project called JooLLee… They make a kind of deep and groovy sound reaching sometimes the borders of many styles. A great collaboration between two generations, mixing gender coming from different musical influences of each others. In 2012, JooLLee started to release on Doma Musique.